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SET OF THREE SMALL STONEWARE POTS WITh STANDS - The large pots are 5.75" high. The small pot is3.5" high. All three have a stand


  • STYLE AND GLAMOUR:   Dress up any space with this elegant set of 3 stoneware pots.  3 wood stands are included
  • PLANTS ARE NOT INCLUDED:  The pots can be used for artificial succulents, or real plants.  Pots have drainage holes and a plug if you prefer no holes.  
  • PERFECT SIZE:  The two large pots are 5.75" in size so they can be used as desktop planters.  The small pot is 3.5"
  • INTERIOR or EXTERIOR DECOR AT ITS BEST:   They look great with herbs as well on your patio

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