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5.0 out of 5 stars. Love it!

Reviewed in the United States on October 1, 2019

I love this plant! It's so classy looking.. I really liked the black pebbles that were used to hold the plants together instead of the black foam spray that is used with other similar products. You get a lot for the price tag, the size of the plant is much larger than many I've seen that fall under the same price range. Highly recommend!

Luke and Lisa

What a gem...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this little gem. I ordered it on a whim. I wanted some greenery for my office and I am super picky about my faux plants because so many look plastic like that it just looks bad but this one does not disappoint. My husband and daughter both thought it was real and tried to water it!



I just received the artificial succulent plant in the concrete cement pot and I am really pleased with the quality! I have a few faux plants and this one by far looks more real than any of them! I will be purchasing a few of the other styles as well!



Cute & perfect for a bathroom!

I LOVE this little diffuser! First of all, it’s SO cute. I wanted something different for my bathroom shelves and this works perfectly. So even if you don’t use it for oil, it’s still great for decor! For the oil, you just stick a bottle of essential oil inside (I tried two different sizes, 5ml and 15ml, and both work!), then you stick the little leaf stick directly into the bottle itself and it slowly diffuses a very subtle scent. I put it in my bathroom and I was afraid it was going to be overwhelming, but nope! It’s the perfect amount.