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  • Welcome to Kurrajong Farmhouse...making homes beautiful.  We are an Australian company and excited to bring our homewares to USA. 
  • Are you looking for a versatile set of succulents that will look great in any room of your home, even in the bathroom? 
  • This elegant lifelike succulent plant set will add some glamour and style to your home, office desk, or any interior or exterior living areas.   
  • The gorgeous natural-looking artificial succulent set and cute rustic marble pots look great in a kitchen or table centerpiece, study or office desk, bathroom or laundry, indoor coffee table, or outdoor bbq table.  You can even style your bookshelf with these lovely decorator plants, or just bring a bit of ambiance to any room. 
  • The largest of the three is 4.5" x 4" and looks equally pretty on its own, or with the other variations. It makes a great gift or house warming present.   Plant decor is so versatile and if you're entertaining or just to bring the outside in for your own enjoyment, it's an instant transformation.  The plants are elegantly set in black pebbles to secure the pot. 
  • Faux plants in pots last many years and will give you back hours of time in your life as you won't need to water or fertilize (save money) and you won't need to replace dying plants (save time).   

Thank you for visiting our store, we hope you love our products.

Kurrajong Farmhouse....making homes beautiful.....